the team behind feelbelt

We questioned ourselves how we can further increase the emotional aspect of music. Not just for us, but for everyone. After years of research and testing, we found a way to add a new dimension to the listener's experience: the sense of touch. The Feelbelt transfers any sound directly to the body using haptic feedback.

Das Feelbelt Team

Wir haben uns gefragt, wie wir den emotionalen Aspekt von Musik weiter steigern können. Nicht nur für uns, sondern für alle.

Nach Jahren der Forschung und des Experimentierens haben wir einen Weg gefunden, die Experience des Zuhörers um eine Dimension zu erweitern: den Tastsinn.

Der Feelbelt überträgt jeglichen Sound mit Hilfe von haptischem Feedback direkt auf den Körper.


We are located in beautiful Potsdam Babelsberg and are constantly working to keep supply chains short. Our production is consciously done in Germany.


For us, digitalization is a real opportunity. It enables us to create a flexible and agile environment for our team and our customers.


By keeping Feelbelt's core team deliberately small, we can react quickly to changes and adapt our processes.

People oriented

We love feedback from our community as well as from the team. That way, we are constantly learning and can grow together.


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