Feel every auditive experience on your body.

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Size 1
72cm - 110cm
Size 2
110cm - 150cm
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14 days satisfaction guarantee


  • premium box included
  • 14 days satisfaction guarantee
  • free app with 3 experience presets
  • Numerous happy customers

Feel your content.

Feelbelt is the latest unique technology for extremely immersive experiences in combination with sound.
The ultra-fast software transmits every Frequency between 10 and 20,000 Hz to your skin.

The deepest immersive experience you've ever had - Feelbelt Series One.

Technical Details
Full digital audio processing, 10 independent vibration channels, ARM dual core processor with digital signal processing unit.
Premium Bluetooth transmitter 5.0, 2x 3.5 mm jacks for line-in and headphone output
Our app helps you control and customize all of the Feelbelt's features from the convenience of your smartphone. In addition, we have provided the appropriate operating mode for each content.

Want to know more about the Feelbelt and the experiences with it?

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