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Feel the digital world on your body.

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Gamer Reviews

It was a much more intense experience with the Feelbelt. It even makes you feel the punches in animes. The Feelbelt makes it all 20 times more extreme!
Kurono watches King's Game The Animation
It's like you're sitting in a racing car with the engine running. In the Super Formula at the Red Bull Ring, you even notice the gear changes very strongly.
Pixelconnect plays Gran Turismo
To all those who are not afraid of horror games: Play them with the Feelbelt. You will definitely shit your pants afterwards. It's so awkward but awesome awkward.
Verspieltes Gnu plays HELLSEED

Feel every sound

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Deep Dive

Expand your reality

Add the sense of touch to your virtual experiences. This takes adventures and epic moments to the next level.
How is sound made tangible?


Be part of the metaverse

Do you know the feeling of getting overwhelmed by the bass in the club? The Feelbelt makes every interaction in the digital world feel real and approachable.
How is VR becoming immersive?


Feel what you could only previously hear

Accurately locate which direction your enemy is attacking from. The Feelbelt transmits every detail so you can feel distant steps get closer, or creepy noises send chills throughout your body.
How is tracking possible?
With the free updates that can be installed via the Feelbelt app, you will always be up to date. Just like the Tesla principle.
Once charged, you are provided with up to 6 hours of battery runtime.
10 differently controllable actuators give you a complete and nuanced sound experience. The unique technology lets you feel what others have not been able to. From 10 - 20,000 Hz in stereo and in sync with what you hear.
If you don't have a cable nearby, the Feelbelt can be quickly and easily connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to your device.
Smartphones, gaming consoles, handhelds, VR glasses and other devices - the only necessary requirement for a connection is Bluetooth or an audio cable.

Feelbelt Series One

Make the digital world feel real

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Sense more than just bass

The Feelbelt has 10 independent pulse generators that transmit the entire human hearing spectrum to vibration. These generators act as an emotional interface through the sense of touch.

Sensory expansion

The Feelbelt rocks the core of the human body for full immersion. This is why the Feelbelt is designed to sit at the waist.

PLUG & PLAY – start right away

No special software required! The free app is available for customization and settings.

Made in Germany

The Feelbelt is made in Germany. Through short delivery methods, the use of sustainable materials, and our relationship with local manufacturers, we keep our carbon footprint small and our quality high.

What’s in the box?

Feelbelt Series One
USB-C Cable
AUX Cable for 3,5mm Headphone-Jack
Beginning Instructions
Warranty & safety documentation
Sustainable Package

It’s not real until you feel it.

The Feelbelt

Shipping via DHL GoGreen

Shipping within Germany is 4,90€. You will find information about international shipping directly in the checkout.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

If you are not convinced, you can simply return the Feelbelt to us within 14 days.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need software?

No, you don't need any extra software to use it. The Feelbelt is ready to start right away. However, the Feelbelt app is helpful, as it allows you to conveniently adjust the intensity & volume as well as different modes and regularly receive free firmware updates.

What devices can I connect the Feelbelt to?

You can connect the Feelbelt to all devices that have a jack or Bluetooth connection. This includes, for example, every smartphone, all gaming controllers and VR glasses.

How does the Feelbelt work?

The Feelbelt transfers all sounds from the digital world to your body. 10 independently working pulse generators let you feel every sound through haptic feedback in the form of vibration. Think of it as a subwoofer you wear on your body. Our unique selling point: You feel all frequencies from 10 - 20,000 Hz in stereo and in sync with what you hear. Not only bass, but even high tones are reproduced precisely.

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