There is more than seeing and hearing

Add the sense of touch to your gaming experience

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It’s not real until you feel it.


Connect the Feelbelt to all devices like smartphone, gaming console, PC, TV via Bluetooth or audio cable.


Feel the entire human hearing spectrum from 10 Hz - 20,000 Hz on your body.


Customize the intensity of the haptic feedback according to your needs.


We are constantly improving the Feelbelt, so you can install free updates via the Feelbelt app.

Why games aren't immersive enough

Currently we can only see and hear what we play. To fully immerse into the action however, another sense is missing: The sense of touch. The Feelbelt brings sound to your body and takes gaming experiences to the next level. While differentiating between high and low tones, the Feelbelt gives a sense of direction from which sounds come. Digital content has just become more tangible and immersive.

For Drivers

Experience the speed firsthand with the Feelbelt. From feeling the gears shifting to every little bump on the road, the Feelbelt perfectly pairs with racing games and simulations.

For Horror Fans

What’s a scary scene without the feeling of suspense? The Feelbelt pumps adrenaline into every hair-raising moment.

For First-Person

From shattering glass to the tense screams of your character, you’ll never miss a sound again. The Feelbelt sticks you right in the center of the action.

It’s not real until you feel it.

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How to Connect

BluetoothAudio cable

Watch how to connect the Feelbelt to VR glasses via Bluetooth.

Watch how to connect the Feelbelt to VR glasses via audio cable.

How to max out

With the Feelbelt app, you get the ability to choose different modes for the best experience like music, gaming, or bass.
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Up to 20.000 Hz
Pulse generators from Feelbelt
Up to 200 Hz
Pulse generator from other manufacturers

Unlimited Experience

Pulse generators from other manufacturers can only convert the bass range into vibrations. Our technology expands your sound experience by covering the entire human hearing spectrum.

Feelbelt Series One

Provided with 10 pulse generators for immersive gaming experiences
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Technical details

Product dimension:
29cm x 27cm x 7cm (outer package)

Product weight:

Available sizes:
Size 1 (72cm - 110cm Umfang), Size 2 (110cm - 150cm Umfang)

Power supply:
One rechargeable lithium polymer battery (included)

Battery voltage:

Battery capacity:
8,88Wh – battery rechargeable via USB-C cable (included), fast charging and simultaneous use possible

Connectivity options:
Audio input via Bluetooth 5.0 or 3.5mm jack cable (included), Audio output via 3.5mm audio cable, connectable to mobile app via Bluetooth 5.0.

Frequent updates via free Feelbelt app


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