Julia Heine
28. April 2020

Feelbelt launches wearable that transmits the entire frequency spectrum to let users “feel” sound

(Berlin, Germany, April 28, 2020) Today, German start-up Feelbelt launched a Kickstarter campaign for its ultra-immersive haptic feedback wearable. The device, Feelbelt, is worn around the waist and transmits musical signals as mechanical stimuli, in sync with the music or sound. It is available at the earlybird price of 199€/$210 USD (retail: 329€ / $355 USD). 

For the first time ever, Feelbelt allows all frequencies to become perceptible. A worldwide patented process and unique software creates a complete revolutionary perception of gaming and music. The haptic feedback allows gamers to get an advantage in the online world to achieve better gaming results.  

The belt is the first product of its kind that lets users “feel” the entire frequency spectrum. It transmits sound ranging from 1 - 20,000 hz to create a completely new sound experience, while comparable products only transmit bass. The technology also uses 10 impulse generators - 9 more than most competitors - to provide a full range of sound feedback from front to back and left to right.  

“Our vision is to create the best sound and gaming experience ever,” said CEO and co-founder Benjamin Heese.“ We developed our unique impulse generator system in house to create a feeling like you’ve never experienced before. It adds an entire new dimension to gaming to enhance performance and experience.” 

The belt lets users reach their full potential in the worlds of gaming and VR and enables players to dive deeper into each virtual adventure. For music lovers, it brings the concert or club experience literally anywhere. During films, it adds an extra audio thrill. With Feelbelt, hearing-impaired individuals are able to better perceive the frequencies of sound, to take part more completely in a musical experience.  

It connects via bluetooth, Wifi, or a 3.5mm jack cable to any audio source and is fully controlled via the Feelbelt App.  

Feelbelt is the winner of a german start up - innovation award 2019. In development, the company works with Max Auer and Brose Systems, who are experienced production experts and closed seed financing in February with a seven-digit evaluation from lead investors JJE Invest GmbH of Berlin.  

“When you put on feelbelt, the world around you melts away.” said Felix Weiß, COO.“ “We proudly manufacture with local partners here in Germany, and are thrilled to bring this tech to gaming and music lovers around the world.” 

Heese and Weiß developed the idea in Potsdam, Germany, alongside inventor Jens Hansen and showed the tech at IFA Berlin, to great interest.  

About Feelbelt  

Feelbelt is a young company based in Babelsberg, Germany, founded in 2019. Feelbelt is a team of music and gaming lovers who have the mission to increase the emotional impact of sound in video games and music. Production takes place in Berlin, where the team works hard to support local companies. In development and production, Feelbelt works with well-known audio brands Max Auer and Brose Systeme.  

They’ve optimized production to be as sustainable as possible - and for every Feelbelt sold, they’ll plant a tree to protect and restore forest ecosystems around the world. 

For more information and to pledge please visit Feelbelt’s Kickstarter page. 

To interview Feelbelt personnel or for questions, media can contact Head of PR Daniela Kabisch at daniela.kabisch@news.feelbelt.de. 


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