Julia Heine
3. June 2020

Feelbelt exceeds funding goal and celebrates successful market entry

Potsdam, 3rd of June 2020 – Yesterday, the Potsdam-based start-up Feelbelt successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign. Within 48 hours after the campaign launch, the project was 100% funded and achieved 300% of its funding goal during the entire campaign. The achievement of the campaign target marks the production-start of the final product version, with which Feelbelt aims to take haptic feedback to the next level and to revolutionize the feeling of sound. 

The campaign on the American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com ran from 28th of April 2020 until 2nd of June 2020. In total, the campaign was supported by 237 backers, who together contributed more than 60,000€ to the project. The project supporters (backers) purchased the Feelbelt at discounted pre-sale prices, the delivery is expected for September. 

The decision to launch the Feelbelt in a Kickstarter campaign was made in order to reach the early adapters of the tech, gaming and music scene worldwide, according to the management. Kickstarter offers an excellent platform to reach the whole world with a product innovation, says COO and Co-founder Felix Weiss. “Especially for start-ups like us, who are about to start their first wave of production, Kickstarter is a good way to get a proper estimate of the number of units to be produced”, adds CEO Benjamin Heese. Even though the young company has already been working successfully with local partners from Berlin in development and production since the end of 2018, the Kickstarter campaign is an important step towards financing the first wave of production and towards the establishment on the market. The software and electronic components are being developed in cooperation with shareholder Torsten Brose from Brose Systeme. For the mechanical development, the Feelbelt team cooperates with shareholder Lorenz Forster from Max Auer. The campaign has once again highlighted the great demand for the Feelbelt, especially as a product “Made in Germany”. 

The Feelbelt is used in the fields of gaming, VR, music and film and is based on a patented process that generates haptic feedback synchronously with every sound frequency. Feelbelt’s unique selling point is the reproduction of the entire perceivable frequency spectrum. It is worn around the waist and transmits all audio frequencies from 1 to 20,000Hz directly to the body, opening up a more emotional and realistic sound experience for gamers and music lovers. The patented technology uses ten impulse generators to create complex sound feedback from all directions. This mode of operations also supports deaf people, who can now participate in movies and music by perceiving frequencies. For hearing-impaired people, the experience of films and music is intensified as well. Together with external project partners, Feelbelt GmbH is currently developing the integration and application of the technology in various products. 

“Our vision is to create the best way sound has ever been experienced”, says CEO Benjamin Heese. “With our unique approach, we are revolutionizing the perception and emotionality of sound and music. Our self-developed impulse generators make it possible for the first time ever to feel every frequency with the entire body. By activating an additional sensory organ, we create a completely new experience, especially in the gaming sector”, adds COO and Co-founder Felix Weiss.

About Feelbelt

Feelbelt GmbH is a MediaTech start-up from Potsdam, Babelsberg and was founded in 2019. The team of music and gaming lovers has the mission to revolutionize the emotional impact of sound in the fields of gaming, music and film. The team deliberately chose to produce in Berlin and Brandenburg to support local companies. A tree is planted for every Feelbelt sold worldwide. For software, development and production, the team works together with Max Auer and Brose Systeme. 

For more information please visit Feelbelt’s Kickstarter page.

To interview Feelbelt personnel or for questions, media can contact Daniela Kabisch at daniela.kabisch@news.feelbelt.de


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