Julia Heine
3. March 2020

Man is a haptic being

Feeling is an elementary component of our perception, says the founder and head of the Haptics Research Laboratory in Leipzig, PD Dr. M. Grunwald.

Haptic perception or haptic feedback (from the Greek: "perceptible") is the tactile "grasping".

Research says that we perceive our environment more through feeling than through other senses. It is even assumed that tactile stimuli go deeper than visual or auditory stimuli.

Remember the good old coke bottle (contour bottle). You could see it blindfolded because you could feel Coke with it. You already had the taste of cola on your tongue before you drank.

Why not combine feeling with other stimuli and thus deepen our experience? And why not bring feeling and music together, combining the sound experience in the ear with "impressions" on the skin?

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The Feelbelt turns the entire spectrum of audible sounds into a tactile experience.

And that with multiple advantages:

  • Easy to use: You can connect it to any audio source and start the new sound experience with headphones via Bluetooth, WLAN or jack plug
  • Sustainable and regional production: The Feelbelt is designed and produced in Berlin

With the experience of the first appearance at the IFA 2019 in Berlin (Internationale Funkausstellung) we entered a new era of application ideas.

In our new blog we will show which potentials are opening up.

Market entry in Europe and Japan is planned for April 28, 2020 as part of a Kickstarter campaign and makuake campaign respectively. At the same time, the Feelbelt will also be launched in the USA and Canada.


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